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Simplistic static site generator in Python


Clone the repo and add it to your PYTHONPATH, and in case you don't have the required packages: pip install -r requirements.txt

Then from your content directory (where you have your run something like the following: python /path/to/ --conf

If you do not specify a config file, it will assume you want the which will likely build the example site.

Why another site generator?

I don't want to have to learn an entire tech stack just to spit out some HTML files. I'm trying to save work from hand-editing something, but all the site generators I've looked at (which are many) are just full of edge cases. So if I'm going to have to go through the effort, I might as well write something straight forward and simple for my needs.

If that matches your needs too, great. If not, I'm still time ahead, and I get to make stuff.

Features/Requirements (when it's done)

  • Pages and Blog Posts, parsed separately
  • Single point of configuration
  • No complicated templating formats (unless jinja2 is complicated)
  • The ability to put arbitrary HTML/Javascript in any given page/post
  • Static "extra" files such as images or CSS, all in one place, including favicon
  • Single build folder as output
  • Copy the build folder to root or a subdir in your server
  • "Preview" ability, probably through a static file watcher that regenerates the preview folder
  • Simple server for said preview
  • Meta tags are hierarchial. There is a global set, and they can all be overridden by page (like titles)
  • We get this almost for free if we use the templating engine appropriately
  • Extra javascript includes in header or footer on a per page basis


Completely usable. We're using it in more and more generated sites now, and we'd love to hear if you run into any snags.

Some current sites generated with pydozer, some of which are open source so you can see the content files:

Know of others? Let us know.