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One-pager to preview Adobe Edge Fonts
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Adobe Edge Fonts Preview

One-pager to preview Adobe Edge Fonts. A work in progress. Much documentation of the code is also needed.


This project is an experiment built using Yeoman. Other frameworks used include:

This is my first time using Yeoman, RequireJS, Backbone.Marionette, and Backbone.Paginator. There are likely things I'm doing wrong. Please tell me about them.

API Endpoint

Since Adobe has no way for users to access the fonts other than the EdgeFonts homepage, I created a simple API endpoint to make it easy for anyone to pull the whole list of fonts in JSON format and play:

JSONifying the fonts from

In case you don't want to use the API, the following code block is the small set of commands I run in the WebKit inspector to scrape all of the fonts from the Edge Fonts website into something usable:

var tables = $$('table'),
    fonts = [],
    length = tables.length;

for(var i=0; i<length; i++){
    var table = tables.item(i),
        name = table.querySelector('th').innerText,
        slug = table.querySelector('code').innerText,
        weightRows = table.querySelectorAll('tbody tr'),
        variations = [];

    for(var k=0, lr=weightRows.length; k<lr; k++){
        variations.push( weightRows.item(k).querySelector('code').innerText ); 


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