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Hi there. Welcome to CFJS.

So all of the stuff regarding CFJS used to be housed over at http://cjordan.us. But I found I wasn't really using the domain that much for blogging and just in spurts for the CFJS project. So, I let my ownership of that domain lapse. That's life I guess.

But now I find that github has a wiki feature?! This is great! I can use this to post news about CFJS (if there ever is any) or perhaps discussions on why something was done a particular way or maybe just documenting all of the 80+ functions that CFJS provides.

Github also provides issue tracking, so perhaps I won't have to rely on RIAForge.org for that, although that still works and I have no plans to remove my presence from RIAForge.

I hope everyone who tries CFJS will find it useful.

Chris Jordan