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C++11 library for network services on modern x86-64 Linux. Heavily inspired by python-gevent, state-threads, plan9, and go-lang.


  • coroutines (built on boost.context)
  • typed channels for communicating between threads and coroutines
  • http client and server (built on http-parser)
  • fast uri parser (ragel generated)
  • JSON parser (wrapper around jansson)
  • logging (glog)
  • rpc (built on msgpack)
  • epoll event loop


Or rather why not libevent, libev, or boost.asio? libten is designed around the concept of task-based concurrency, while the other libraries are designed for event driven callback based concurrency. They are not entirely at odds, libten's event loop could be built on any of these libraries. However, another major difference is that these libraries strive to provide a cross platform solution to event driven network programming. They are great if you need portable code that works across many versions and platforms. However, that feature doesn't come for free. There is added complexity in the code base, more code, and compromises that effect performance. libten's approach is to focus only on modern Linux, modern compilers, and high-performance APIs. For example, the libten event loop uses epoll, timerfd, and signalfd. It also trades memory for speed by using the socket fd numbers as indexes into an array. Lastly, libten does not stop at the event loop, it tries to be more of a complete package by providing logging, JSON, URI, http, rpc, zookeeper and more.


  • cmake >= 2.8
  • g++ >= 4.7.0
  • libssl-dev >= 0.9.8
  • libboost-dev >= 1.51
  • libboost-date-time-dev >= 1.51
  • libboost-program-options-dev >= 1.51
  • libboost-test-dev >= 1.51
  • libboost-context-dev >= 1.51
  • ragel >= 6.5

Bundled 3rd-party components


  • Optimizations (almost no profiling has been done, lots of room for improvement)
  • Better support for std::chrono all around (qlock/rendez)
  • qlock/rendez to follow C++11 mutex/condition_variable api
  • More tests and documentation and examples
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