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#ifndef TASK_PROC_HH
#define TASK_PROC_HH
#include <condition_variable>
#include "ten/descriptors.hh"
#include "ten/task.hh"
#include "ten/llqueue.hh"
#include "task_impl.hh"
namespace ten {
struct io_scheduler;
extern proc *this_proc();
// TODO: api to register at-proc-exit cleanup functions
// this can be used to free io_scheduler, or other per-proc
// resources like dns resolving threads, etc.
struct proc {
io_scheduler *_sched;
std::thread *thread;
std::mutex mutex;
uint64_t nswitch;
task *ctask;
tasklist taskpool;
tasklist runqueue;
tasklist alltasks;
coroutine co;
//! other threads use this to add tasks to runqueue
llqueue<task *> dirtyq;
//! true when asleep and runqueue is empty and no epoll
bool asleep;
//! true when asleep in epoll_wait
std::atomic<bool> polling;
//! true when canceled
std::atomic<bool> canceled;
//! cond used to wake up when runqueue is empty and no epoll
std::condition_variable cond;
//! used to wake up from epoll
event_fd event;
std::atomic<uint64_t> taskcount;
//! current time cached in a few places through the event loop
time_point<steady_clock> now;
explicit proc(task *t = nullptr);
proc(const proc &) = delete;
proc &operator =(const proc &) = delete;
void schedule();
io_scheduler &sched();
bool is_ready() {
return !runqueue.empty();
void cancel() {
canceled = true;
void wakeup();
task *newtaskinproc(const std::function<void ()> &f, size_t stacksize) {
auto i = std::find_if(taskpool.begin(), taskpool.end(), task_has_size(stacksize));
task *t = nullptr;
if (i != taskpool.end()) {
t = *i;
DVLOG(5) << "initing from pool: " << t;
} else {
t = new task(f, stacksize);
return t;
void addtaskinproc(task *t) {
t->cproc = this;
void deltaskinproc(task *t);
static void add(proc *p);
static void del(proc *p);
static void startproc(proc *p_, task *t);
} // end namespace ten
#endif // TASK_PROC_HH
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