The Pelican theme used on my personal domain.
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Euler is a Pelican theme. It can be seen live at


Some variables that could be used:

  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_CODE: your Google Analytics stats
  • SITELOGO: an image around 100px square
  • SITETAGLINE: a short sentence that describes your site
  • SITEDESCR: a longer description of your site
  • GITHUB_URL: URL to your GitHub page, for the social icons
  • LINKEDIN_URL: URL to your LinkedIn page, for the social icons
  • TWITTER_URL: URL to your Twitter page, for the social icons
  • FACEBOOK_URL: URL to your Facebook page, for the social icons
  • GOOGLE_URL: URL to your Google Plus page, for the social icons
  • FLICKR_URL: URL to your Flickrpage, for the social icons
  • LICENSE_NAME: the license for your content (e.g. CC BY-SA)
  • LICENSE_URL: the link to where the full text of your license is
  • ARCHIVES_URL: the link to your archives
  • CONTACT_URL: the link to your contact page


This theme is licensed under the GPL v3 license.