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WaniKani Knowledge Guide

Knowledge Guide for WaniKani. Browse through the production build.

Platform and template forked from CloudCannon's base-jekyll-template. Review their README for developing and editing information.

Contribution Process

Add Or Edit Existing Post

  1. Fork master branch and add contribution under _posts. Contributions can be adding a tutorial or editing an existing post. Follow the format of an existing post when possible.
  2. Submit a pull request with a brief description of what you have done. If it is ready for review tag the pull request with the label ready for review and assign tofugu/wanikani-knowledgebase-editors as the reviewer.
  3. If changes are required after review the editor(s) will add feedback and label the pull request with changes required.
  4. When the pull request is approved the reviewer(s) will change the label to ship it 🐿️.
  5. The changes will be live once they are merged into the master branch.

Suggest A Tutorial Or Report An Error

  1. Go to the Issues
  2. Make sure your suggestion and error has not been reported yet by using the search filter.
  3. If the suggestion or error does not exist add a new issue. Please use the preexisting templates to fill out the issue.