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Link to your license.

FOSS Pass allowed you to link to many popular open-source licenses and even include your own info in the license text. It never really got used by anyone but me and I've since taken it down. It was a response to Google Code linking to the OSI's ugly pages with FOSS license text.

The code is here for reference/posterity's sake.


You'll need a web server and PHP 5 -- that's about it. Access to the filesystem (system/cache) for writing cache files is nice, but not required. Also, most modern web servers should work fine -- this app was developed on Apache 2 (mod_php) but The FOSS Pass site itself ran on lighttpd 1.4 with PHP served through FastCGI.

You might have to change the $config['uri_protocol'] setting in system/application/config/config.php depending on your server/PHP setup. On Apache 2 "AUTO" is usually fine, but on lighttpd 1.4 with FastCGI "REQUEST_URI" seems to be the only setting that works.

You can disable error reporting in "index.php" by setting error_reporting(0).

There's a Google Analytics script in the end of the "page.html" file in system/application/views/. You should either delete the <script> tags altogether or change the code to your own if you deploy your own version of this app somewhere.

A note on caching: If you'd like the HTML of generated pages to be cached, you can set the CACHE_EXPIRY constant in system/application/config/constants.php to the number of minutes the HTML should be cached for. Since nothing should really change between requests you could set this pretty high if you want to improve performance a bit (caching in CodeIgniter skips all controller processing and just spits out a static HTML file). The system/cache/ folder will need to be writable by your web server process.


This program is free software; it is distributed under a New BSD-Style License.

This program was built using the CodeIgniter PHP Framework, which is under its own license. Only relevant parts of the framework are included (database and other libraries, etc. were removed).

The "Fork me on GitHub" logo is licensed under an MIT-style license by Tom Preston-Werner, 2008.

Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Matthew Riley MacPherson.