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The "S" is for "Signs" -- Create HTTP headers for OAuth Authorization
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This library is unmaintained and buggy at best

I don't work on SOAuth anymore, though that may soon change. In the meantime, if you're looking for a Ruby library to easily generate OAuth headers for your requests: check out ROAuth.

The "S" is for "Signs"

SOAuth is a Ruby library that creates HTTP headers for OAuth Authorization using previously-obtained OAuth keys/secrets. Useful if you want to make your own HTTP request objects instead of using the ones created for you using the commonly-used OAuth gem.

It should be noted that this was developed without edge cases in mind -- it was pretty much abstracted from my "by-hand" signing of OAuth requests in Prey Fetcher, so don't consider it production-quality code (though it is running in production).

Please fork away and send me a pull request if you think you can make it better or handle more use cases.


Install like any other Ruby gem:

gem install soauth


Create an OAuth header by specifying the URI of the resource you're requesting, your consumer key/secret + access key/secret in a hash, and -- optionally -- any GET params in another hash. Check it out:

uri = ''
oauth = {
    :consumer_key => "consumer_key",
    :consumer_secret => "consumer_secret",
    :token => "access_key",
    :token_secret => "access_secret"
params = {
    'count' => "11",
    'since_id' => "5000"
oauth_header = SOAuth.header(uri, oauth, params)

Pretty straightforward. You can use whatever HTTP library you like, just use oauth_header as the "Authorization" HTTP header to your request (making sure the request info is the same info you passed to SOAuth). Say you were using NET::HTTP:

http_uri = URI.parse(uri)
request =, http_uri.port)
request.get(uri.request_uri, {'Authorization', oauth_header})

Why Would I Want This?

There's already a pretty nice OAuth library for Ruby out there. But I didn't want to have to use the OAuth library just to make my Authorization headers, and I wanted to be able to plug those headers into whatever HTTP library I wanted (in my case, Typhoeus). I found using the OAuth gem incredibly clunky/overkill for signing requests by hand, so I made SOAuth.


This program is free software; it is distributed under an MIT-style License.

Copyright (c) 2010 Matthew Riley MacPherson.

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