Currency conversion using actual denominations
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Currency conversion using actual denominations.

Face Value is an open-source, cross-platform currency conversion app that does things differently. It shows you the denominations of a currency, beautifully rendered in their proper style and colour, and what each coin or banknote is worth in your own currency. This lets you get a much better grasp on cash in the places you visit than the algebra game that most currency conversion apps end up being.


Face Value is a web app, first and foremost. At its core, it's an entirely client-side web app (built using the Backbone.js framework), that connects to Yahoo's Finance API to get data. It will work on any modern browser, including Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. That said, it includes some platform-specific stuff to improve the experience on certain platforms:

  • iOS-specific metadata and resources to function as a home screen web app
  • Firefox OS-specific manifest to work on Firefox OS and Firefox for Android
  • Cordova framework to compile an IPA for iOS App Store distribution

I'm open to other platform-specific stuff; these are just the platforms I've bothered to optimize because they're the ones I care about.

Running Face Value

Make sure you have node.js (0.8) installed on your system. On a Mac with Homebrew installed, just do brew install node.

Go to your cloned directory and do:

npm install
volo serve

Then go to http://localhost:8008 in your browser of choice. You'll want to be connected to the 'net so you can fetch currency data from Yahoo.


  • Add tests to cover currency data updates
  • Port to Ember
  • Try with cordova/ionic combo?


This program is free software; it is distributed under an MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Matthew Riley MacPherson and sarah ✈ semark.