Collection of the funny things you and your friends say that no one should read.
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Keeping track of the stupid things you and your friends say online that no one (else) should read

Quotes.txt is a simple Django web app that allows you to post funny things you and your friends say in chat to a "quotes.txt" file (in reality, some kind of database) and review all of the funny things you've said over the years, but with zero context. It's inspired by the quotes.txt @allanlawlor and I kept while I was working in government.

This is different from quote database sites like in a few important ways:

  • Anyone can create a user account
  • There are "friend groups" to allow only you and your friends to post quotes
  • There is an HTTP API for posting your quotes in automated fashions

The last part is handy if you run a chat in Campfire or on IRC and want to create a bot that will automatically post a recent quote to the site. I encourage the bot to respond to >> quotes.txt, because that's kind of hilarious.


You'll want to use virtualenv. You need Python 2.6 to run Quotes.txt. South is used for database migrations.

TODO: Provide more details about getting this Django app up and running.


Thanks to Mozilla's playdoh for some boilerplate ideas about handling local settings, app/lib/vendor folders, and package requirements.


Quotes.txt is MIT-licensed. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it, ftw.