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  • Saving referer for comment, so we can get back to he commented object from a comment list
  • Admin view for managing comments
  • filter_item method for filtering lists in admin views moved here from tog_users
  • Updated template to install preferences plugins (support for users' preferences added to tog_social)
  • Using i18n gem instead of old tog's i18n support
  • Updated template to ask for jquery support (via jrails)


  • Added acts_as_shareable to installation template, used by tog_social
  • EDGE version installation installs EDGE versions of tog's core plugins
  • Added config.reload_plugins entry to development environment
  • acts_as_commentable is now installed as gem
  • Flash setted after abuse report (kudos to Andrei Erdoss)
  • Caching Tog::Config values
  • Installation template now asks about installing gems as sudo
  • new generator for creating plugin's migrations, on installation and after updates
  • using acts_as_rateable and acts_as_shareable as plugins, which fixes problem with timestamps while installing
  • using acts_as_taggable_on instead of acts_as_taggable_on_steroids_
  • comments can be posted to twitter (kudos to boonious)
  • for comments notification, commentable must respond to user or owner (till now must respond to owner)
  • New language selector using dropdown list
  • Added translations for Brazilian Portuguese


  • Fixed redirection after abuse confirmation (kudos to Arnau Sanchez)



  • Fixed #4. Misspelled name for I18nHelper. Thanks to Richard Shank and Javier Lafora
  • Added some missed keys in spanish locale


  • Added a new installer (kudos to the passenger guys for remember us that the command line can be a better place)
  • First language selector implementation (allow users to set the locale).


  • Admin views updated, so all views have the same look and feel
  • (almost) Full i18n (kudos to Andrei Erdoss)
  • Renamed application.rb to application_controller.rb (Rails 2.3 support)
  • Small changes to code and test (Rails 2.3 support, kudos to Andrei Erdoss)
  • Removed tog-desert gem, now using pivotal labs' official desert gem (desert 0.5 support)
  • Renamed routes.rb to desert_routes.rb (Rails 2.3 + desert 0.5 support)
  • Removed support for observers in plugins, was supported by tog-desert (desert 0.5 support)
  • Added port to mailer URL options (kudos to Balint Erdi)
  • Better support for Amazon S3 (kudos to Gaizka)
  • Support for jRails in order to use jQuery instead of Prototype (kudos to Richard Shank)




  • Ticket #129. i18n patch for will_paginate helper. This enable translated pagination by default in every tog based app.
  • New Tog::Deprecation module.
  • Ticket #105. Comments approbe and delete should be in member/comments_controller
  • Ticket #118. i18n in navigation tabs
  • Ticket #112. Edit profile in a fresh installation


  • Search controller and search helper improved.
  • Sanitize tags change allowed
  • Ticket #102. Consolidate comments listing and form
  • Check spam in comments using Viking
  • Tog::Search improved interface and docs
  • Clean up
  • Ticket #100. Menu problem in admin site
  • Ticket #99. Link to commentable in comment notification mail
  • Sync tog's i18n implementation with rails 2.2.2


  • Since we've had problems with the proper moment to create the config table we've moved the process of manage the table existence to a internal method
  • Implemented create_tog_config_table on Tog::Config as last resort. It should be really hard to get 'Config doesn't exists' messages now.
  • Add user routes to tog_core
  • Moved users_helper to tog_core
  • Change admin's home url, from /admin to /admin/dashboard so tabs are highlighted properly
  • Ticket #88. Problem with URLs in UserMailer
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