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  • include the tog_oracle stylesheet on tog_oracle pages
  • check delayed_job for setting up a runner every day
  • try to put the rendering of the page/action in oracle/questions/:id/answers into helpers
  • when no answers/questions exist, put an explanation there, not just a blank list
  • display the author and the date the question was posed on question lists and the "answers to a question" page


  • make a pick suitable answer + edit links on the member_oracle_questions page (Your questions)
  • possibility of reporting abuse for questions
  • possibility of tagging questions
  • test delivery of overdue notification messages
  • question and answers should not be modified once the question is closed
  • check that only the question's publisher can pick the suitable answer, edit the question, etc.
  • add title to questions
  • let the question be editable (edit page for question)
  • AnswersController.update - can we use fields_for on the index form? X
  • add some common sense links to pages
  • i18n the close_question_request mail
  • i18n
  • check that the question can not be closed(= a suitable answer picked) if it is <1 hour after posting the question.
  • set up a runner that checks for questions that should be closed
  • remove radio buttons to select suitable answer once the question is closed
  • mark suitable answer in the list of answers for a particular question