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  • filter_item method for filtering lists in admin views moved to tog_core


  • Added failing cases in the activation process (kudos to pacoguzman)
  • Migrated to newer version of restful_authentication and AASM gem. Old password scheme used for compatibility
  • Filtering passwords
  • Added translations for Brazilian Portuguese


  • Filter users by creation date or state in admin (kudos to tokland)
  • Search users in admin (kudos to tokland)



  • Record activity on activate
  • Small fix: "system.user.email_as_login" should be "plugins.tog_user.email_as_login"
  • Translated user_mailer activation and signup emails into spanish
  • Improved spanish translations


  • Fixed bug in user authentication when using email for login (kudos to Gaizka)
  • (almost) Full i18n (kudos to Andrei Erdoss)
  • Renamed routes.rb to desert_routes.rb (Rails 2.3 + desert 0.5 support)
  • Small changes to code and test (Rails 2.3 support, kudos to Andrei Erdoss)
  • Renamed application.rb to application_controller.rb (Rails 2.3 support)
  • Small changes to code and test (Rails 2.3 support, kudos to Andrei Erdoss)
  • New named_scope "admin" in user model

Fix User.authenticate when Tog::Config["plugins.tog_user.email_as_login"] is set




  • Ticket #130. Update i18n for user's states
  • Ticket #118. i18n in navigation tabs
  • Fixed a nasty bug on password reminder mailer introduced by a nasty bug on restful_autenthicated introduced by ... [#121 state:resolved]


  • Site-Search integration.
  • Sync tog's i18n implementation with rails 2.2.2
  • Only pending users should be displayed on the profiles section
  • fix restful-authentication with rails 2.2


  • Fixed mixed up signup/activation templates.
  • Use Tog::Config['plugins.tog_core.pagination_size'] as default pagination size.
  • Moved users_helper to tog_core
  • Internationalization for controller and mailer message
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