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This is the repository of demo code for my talk be-the-es6iest. You can watch a screencast of the talk here

It is encouraged that you follow along with the application. To get started you will need nodejs installed and to clone this code. Note that none of the techniques demonstrated require nodejs in production. It is simply used as the webserver and for for jspm which provides es6 features not currently supported by browsers. It is important to emphasize, that unlike tools like browserify, jspm uses systemjs which runs entirely in the browser and does not require a build process for the client-side.

To download web server dependencies, run

npm install

from a command line inside the main project directory. You may then run

npm run jspm:install

to download the few client-side packages used (bluebird and request-then).

You can start the webserver via

npm run start

I encourage you to follow along to the video and learn these techniques as a koan. You can also jump to any particular step in the tags for example

git checkout step-3
git checkout step-6    

Talk Outline

  • demo app
    • review index.html
    • review app.js
    • review createNotificationsQueue
    • Demonstrated
      • const, let
      • template literal
      • multiline arrow functions
      • importing a module
    • Note
      • Prewrite
      • Not using jquery
      • modules so no need for IIFE scoping
      • modules are awesome, the rest is cool but won't make life significantly easier
  • create createNotificationQueue shell
    • Implement
      • just the exported function
      • return {add, clear}
    • Demonstrated
      • simple json objects
      • object methods
    • Note
      • dear god, no need for new
  • modify queue and showNotifications
    • Implement
      • let queue
      • clear - reset queue
      • add - queue = [...queue, msg]
      • add - ensure only 5 large
      • showNotifications simply console.logs
    • Demonstrated
      • let
      • spread operator into array
      • function hoisting
    • Note
      • You could push and shift and splice but I don't like it
  • create ui to show elements
    • Implement
      • const container = createElement('ol')
      • document.body.appendChild(container)
      • createElement in dom-utilities
      • showNotifications
        • create itemsHtml and set container
        • call showTemporarily - already implemented
    • Demonstrated
      • single-line arrow functions
      • default parameters
    • Note
      • Note that createing html this way is necessary to fix xss. This only works in this specific sceanrio
      • Don't use extend in createElement for now
  • Add keepLatest option
    • Implement
      • Demonstrated object destructuring
      • Defaults with destructuring
    • Notes
      • Point out the importance of assigning = {}
  • Add in stores
    • Implement
      • import notificationStores
      • export {none, local} in notificationStores
      • add store to options
      • app import customNotificationsStore
      • set local store
      • runCoroutine generator restoreSaved function
        • yields to store.get()
        • yields to domReady (already written)
      • in add and clear
    • Demonstrated
      • import
      • object constructor
      • default properties
      • object destructuring in parameters
      • generators with coroutines
      • function hoisting
  • Create showAndSave decorator
    • Implement
      • create method
      • adjust add and clear
    • Demonstrated
      • single line arrow functions
      • splat parameters
      • spread function parameter
  • create extend
    • Implement
      • extend in utilities module
      • modify createElement to use extend
    • Demonstrated
      • modules exporting by name
      • parameter splat operator
      • || coalesce
      • ternary if
      • spread operator into parameters
    • Note
      • We're going to use this soon
      • Though honestly its not terribly necessary, but every bit can help