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This is a Godot project. The main purpose of this project is to get familier with the Godot game engine.

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Project Overview
To achive a decent performance and as a consequence a decent rendering distance of the world I only generate the top surface of the terrain (so the surface is created out of one single plane and not by multiple cubes (as I did it in the minecraft blender game engine project on my git hub page)) Therefore I used the godot datatool to manipulate and create single face and UV maps.

how to test
If you want to test the game:

  • just download or clone the repository
  • than download Godot Godot
  • start the Godot client
  • scan for project and choose the downloaded unzipped folder


Until now there are only a few things working:

  • there is a randomly created voxel engine based on dictionaries
  • A surface mesh is generated where needed with proper UV mapping
  • Physic bodies are created so there is interaction with the world
  • Basic character controls to explore the world...

Some features which I'm planning to implement:

  • you still can't build or destroy blocks. Because I have to manipulate the surface to get new blocks or to destroy a Voxel this is not as easy than just adding a cube mesh.


This is a Godot project where I try to get familiar with the Engine.




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