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A simple Fitbit app for Toggl Track
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Simple Fitbit app for the leading time tracking tool Toggl.



TogglBit is a Toggl time tracking client for the smartwatch Fitbit. It holds only the most simple functionality and let's the user start and stop time entries fast from their wrist.



TogglBit is currently in Alpha state and is not officially maintained by Toggl. It is available in the Fitbit Gallery. Get it here.


Setup Fitbit CLI

Install node and npm

Get latest node package from here.

Install Fitbit tools (SDK and CLI)

  • Open up terminal

  • Run command to install SDK

npm add --dev @fitbit/sdk
  • Run command to install CLI
npm add --dev @fitbit/sdk-cli

Setup Fitbit OS Simulator

The simulator is available as a download for Windows or macOS.

Build and run the app

  • Open up Fitbit OS Simulator
  • Open terminal and go to the project root path
  • Execute npx fitbit to jump into Fitbit console (It will ask you to log in to your fitbit account if you are not logged in)
  • Execute build-and-install in Fitbit console to build and run the app.
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