The official ToggleHQ Appcelerator Titanium Plugin
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ToggleHQ Appcelerator Titanium Plugin


The ToggleHQ Appcelerator Titanium Plugin requires iOS 8.0+


To install it, simply add the following line to your app.js file:


Create your application by visiting and either registering or logging into an existing account. Once you're in head to App Settings > API Access and grab your Mobile OAuth Credentials. You'll use those to install ToggleHQ.

// app.js


  client_id: "your-mobile-oauth-client-id",
  secret: "your-mobile-oauth-secret"

Basic Usage

Using these implementation methods are the quickest and fastest way to get ToggleHQ installed and running in your app.

On Login/Signup Assign This Device to a User

THQ.assignDeviceToUser("user_identifier", successCallback, failureCallback);

On Logout Assign This Device to a User

THQ.unassignDevice(successCallback, failureCallback);

Display Preferences Popup

  image: "path/to/image.png",  // Optional
  header: "Example Header",  // Optional
  subHeader: "Here's some more information.", // Optional
  color: "#00ff00" // Optional

Open Preferences Page

var win = THQ.createPreferencesWindow({
  title: "Preferences", // Optional
  barColor: "#00ff00", // Optional
  tintColor: "#fff" // Optional
}), {animated: true});

Additional Usage

While above displays the simplest methods for using ToggleHQ, you are also able to use more advanced methods to create a more customized solution.

Enable a preference for the current user or device

THQ.enablePreference("category_key", "preference_key", successCallback, failureCallback);

Disable a preference for the current user or device

THQ.disablePreference("category_key", "preference_key", successCallback, failureCallback);

Get all preferences for the current user or device

THQ.getPreferences(successCallback, failureCallback);
  // Success
  // response: An array of categories and preferences
}, function(response){
  // Failure
  // response: A JSON object with a failure message


The ToggleHQ Appcelerator Titanium plugin is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.