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Native PDFium ported for node, iojs and nwjs
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Native port of PDFium to node.js, iojs and Nw.js. The main motivation of this project is to render/convert a PDF format direct into EMF format, to be able to print on windows printer by using native printer module.


  • getSupportedOutputFormats() - returns an array of all supported output formats: ['BPM', 'EMF', 'PNG', 'PPM']. Note that EMF and BMP formats are supported only on windows.
  • render(options, [callback(err, pages)]) - render/convert a PDF data into one of output format from getSupportedOutputFormats(). Parameters:
    • option (object, mandatory) may contains the following fields:
      • data (Buffer, mandatory) - PDF data buffer
      • outputFormat (String, mandatory) - output format name. one from getSupportedOutputFormats()
      • scaleFactor (Number, optional, default: 1.0) - scale factor of the output format.
    • callback(err, pages) (function, optional) - callback function. pages is array of buffers. If callback is missing, then the pages will be returned from render(options). In case of error, an exception will be thrown.


BSD - feel free to use and support.

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