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Native node.js printer
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Native bind printers on POSIX and Windows OS from Node.js, iojs and node-webkit.

Linux Windows Dependencies

If you have a problem, ask question to Gitter or find/create a new Github issue


I was involved in a project where I need to print from Node.JS. This is the reason why I created this project and I want to share my code with others.


  • no dependecies;
  • native method wrappers from Windows and POSIX (which uses CUPS 1.4/MAC OS X 10.6) APIs;
  • compatible with node v0.8.x, 0.9.x and v0.11.x (with 0.11.9 and 0.11.13);
  • compatible with node-webkit v0.8.x and 0.9.2;
  • getPrinters() to enumerate all installed printers with current jobs and statuses;
  • getPrinter(printerName) to get a specific/default printer info with current jobs and statuses;
  • getPrinterDriverOptions(printerName) (POSIX only) to get a specific/default printer driver options such as supported paper size and other info
  • getSelectedPaperSize(printerName) (POSIX only) to get a specific/default printer default paper size from its driver options
  • getDefaultPrinterName() return the default printer name;
  • printDirect(options) to send a job to a specific/default printer, now supports CUPS options passed in the form of a JS object (see cancelJob.js example). To print a PDF from windows it is possible by using node-pdfium module to convert a PDF format into EMF and after to send to printer as EMF;
  • printFile(options) (POSIX only) to print a file;
  • getSupportedPrintFormats() to get all possible print formats for printDirect method which depends on OS. RAW and TEXT are supported from all OS-es;
  • getJob(printerName, jobId) to get a specific job info including job status;
  • setJob(printerName, jobId, command) to send a command to a job (e.g. 'CANCEL' to cancel the job);
  • getSupportedJobCommands() to get supported job commands for setJob() depends on OS. 'CANCEL' command is supported from all OS-es.

How to install:

Make sure you have Python 2.x installed on your system. Windows users will also require Visual Studio (2013 Express is a good fit)


Prebuilt node builds

npm install printer --target_arch=ia32
npm install printer --target_arch=x64

Prebuilt electron builds

Say you are installing 1.4.5 electron. Please check the Releases for supported Electron versions

npm install printer --runtime=electron --target=1.4.5 --target_arch=x64
npm install printer --runtime=electron --target=1.4.5 --target_arch=ia32

For building after install

npm install -g node-gyp
npm install printer --msvs_version=2013  --build-from-source=node_printer

or direct from git:

npm install git+

if you want to to run in nwjs then rebuild the module with nw-gyp:

npm install -g nw-gyp
cd node_modules/printer
nw-gyp rebuild

For specific distribution --dist-url node-gyp parameter should be used. Example for electron:

node-gyp rebuild --target=0.37.4 --arch=x64 --dist-url=

Ubuntu User : You need to install libcups2-dev package sudo apt-get install libcups2-dev

How to use:

See examples



Feel free to download, test and propose new futures


The MIT License (MIT)

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