`Open in terminal` doesn't work on fish shell #27

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Tokaido uses export to extend global paths but on fish shell there is no export command.

sferik commented Aug 7, 2013

👍 I’m seeing the same thing. It’s also erroring on source.

screen shot 2013-08-07 at 21 46 06


wycats commented Aug 15, 2013

Interesting. @sferik do you have any ideas on how to deal with this?

While set -x works as an equivalent to export for fish and bash, it breaks other posixy shells like zsh and ksh. It looks like there are plans to add source to a future fish 3.0, and . used to work in fish 1.0, but nothing compatible with other shells in the current fish 2.0.

This shouldn’t be an issue for scripts, like Tokaido.sh, that are explicitly run under bash. It just becomes an issue when fish gets called with shell commands, like TKDAppDelegate.m#L364, since fish isn't posix compatible.

It seems best to avoid running any code with fish rather than duplicating every shell command with a posix and fish version.

androbtech closed this Apr 30, 2014

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