Thinking about the total novice: Progress bar and/or console view, default example app #34

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Maybe this is in the plan for Tokaidoapp. But it would be nice to have a progress bar and or console window showing stuff happening (bundle install step). When booting a rails project with a fresh install of Taikado App the bundle install process seems to take awhile and to a lay user it might seem "broken". So some more visual feedback seems important here.

Also, it would be great if Tokaido shipped with a very basic example rails project. Something where the user would just have to press a button and define a folder to save the app in. Hit boot, browse to webpage and see something immediately.

I am thinking for total novices being able to see a rails app output to a folder and then in a browser would be a great boon. I know it is not that "hard" to

rails new MyApp 

But having a prepackaged example would be a great way to introduce a beginner to Rails. The design would be that the user could build example from template.

Think template gallery like in MS Word, or Excel, etc.

Perhaps even maintain a repository of community supported "example" apps, and have have Tokaido App fetch and install from GitHub would be cool.

Apologize if this is outside the scope of Tokaido's mission. But just thinking about the experience of someone who knows nothing about rails, the command line, Tokaido seems like a nice way to gently introduce someone to the process, with minimal bootstrapping effort.


androbtech commented May 1, 2014


Currently, you can install Tokaido without the need of a compiler, add a fresh rails app under Tokaido's environment (clicking "Open In Terminal") and the bundle install step runs quickly since the native gems come precompiled and regular gems bundled that Rails needs.

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