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An enhanced ALTO-viewer for Quality Assurance oriented display of a collections of scans, typically from books or newspapers.

Please visit for the project homepage, featuring a live demo.

Quack screenshot 20131127


  • A minimum of 2GB free RAM for processing of 30MP scans
  • bash
  • GraphicsMagic
  • ImageMagick (as GraphicsMagic cannot create histograms)
  • openseadragon.min.js
  • A suitable beefy browser equipped machine for display, depending on image sizes and ALTO complexity
  • deepzoom (only if tile based display is enabled. Install with 'sudo cpan -f install Graphics::DZI')
  • Perl (required by deepzoom)


To get started, execute the following in a terminal (Tested under Linux, should work under OS-X and Cygwin):

./ samples samples_out