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Token2 TOTP Toolset - local

Fully client-side version of Token2 TOTP Toolset (Token2 TOTP Toolset - local), which can be run locally without accessing any libraries/resources on the Internet (including the QR image generation).


  • convert hex seed to base32 format
  • generate QR image based on hex or base32 seed key values
  • generate random seed values (i.e. for Token2 programmable tokens)
  • verify the time drift with customizable skew value
  • create CSV for Azure MFA import


Note! This demo is slightly different (i.e. the design is not the same and it does not use jQuery-qrcode library - QR is generated using Google Charts), but functionality is exactly the same

Following libraries were used

jQuery v3.3.1 | (c) JS Foundation and other contributors |

jQuery-qrcode v0.14.0 -

jsSHA (c) Brian Turek 2008-2017