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Security Audits

The TokenBridge has undergone multiple independent security audits and assessments. We have engaged in the auditing process after introducing major functionality, and have acknowledged and/or fix all issues found during these audits.

Initial Token Bridge Audit by Peppersec:

Completed: October 2018

Conclusion: We can rate the overall security level of the system as “High”.

Contracts: Updated to version 2.0.0 to address audit.

{% hint style="success" %} Peppersec Security Audit PDF {% endhint %}

Smart Contracts Security Analysis by SmartDec

Completed: July 2019

Conclusion: All of the issues were addressed, some of them fixed in the latest version of the code.

Contracts: Revised in version 2.3.3 to address audit.

{% hint style="success" %} SmartDec Security Audit PDF {% endhint %}

TokenBridge Audit by Quantstamp (covers AMB bridge)

Completed: January 8, 2020

Conclusion: All high risk issues resolved and low risk issues addressed. More information available in this post.

Contracts: Revised in version 3.3.0 to address audit.

{% hint style="success" %} Quantstamp Security Audit PDF {% endhint %}

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