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LICENSE Update README Oct 20, 2018

TokenD Developer Edition

Quick way for running Tokend development environment with Docker


  • Docker
  • Compose
  • Linux/MacOS, Windows support is experimental and has known issues.

Up and Running

Assuming you've just cloned this repository, the following steps will get you up and running in no time!

  • docker-compose pull just in case, to be sure you have latest versions of containers
  • docker-compose run --rm core init to initialize core instance with genesis block according to configs/core.ini
  • docker-compose up -d to launch all services in background, after it finishes you should be able to access web client at http://localhost:8060 and admin dashboard at http://localhost:8070 default seed for login is SAMJKTZVW5UOHCDK5INYJNORF2HRKYI72M5XSZCBYAHQHR34FFR4Z6G4
  • docker-compose ps to see status of services and which ports are available

These instructions are just a guideline for what you should generally do. You may modify provided docker-compose.yml to accommodate your needs.

By default all data is persistent in mounted volumes, you should be fine stopping and removing the containers without worry. But if for any reason you want to start over just run docker-compose down -v do clean up any persistent state.

Bootstraping your environment

For testing or development purposes it might be useful to bootstrap your environment to predefined state. That's where initscripts come in handy! Some useful tasks are already included in tasks directory which you could adapt to your own needs.

You could start tickering with docker-compose run initscripts tasks/common.hcl which should get you environment with sane defaults and few tradeable assets. After that if you feel lonely running docker-compose run initscripts tasks/users.hcl will create Alice and Bob accounts with some tokens ready to trade! Task files should have details and hints about which is happening under the hood.

So now you're able to login as Alice and Bob by using and for both email and password. To sign-up to the admin-client, use this secret seed: SAMJKTZVW5UOHCDK5INYJNORF2HRKYI72M5XSZCBYAHQHR34FFR4Z6G4

Known Issues

  • clients are unable to access private documents due to limitations of S3v4 signature method. One of the workarounds might be set add storage to your hosts file.