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TokenD Developer Edition

Quick way for running TokenD local development environment with Docker. It's not intended for any kind of production use. If you would like to do production or demo deployment, we highly reccomend to use TokenD CLI.


Bootstraping your environment

# drop any persistent state to make sure you are working with clean install
$ docker-compose down -v && docker-compose pull
# spin everything up
$ docker-compose up -d
# wait while environment initialization is complete
$ docker-compose logs -f initscripts

Now you should be able to access web client at http://localhost:8060 and admin dashboard at http://localhost:8070 default seed for login is SAMJKTZVW5UOHCDK5INYJNORF2HRKYI72M5XSZCBYAHQHR34FFR4Z6G4

These instructions are just a guideline for what you should generally do. You may modify provided docker-compose.yml or configuration files in configs directory to accommodate your needs.

Coinpayments integration

TokenD Developer Edition comes with preconfigured CoinPayments integration which allows you to enable deposit and withdrawals for any supported cryptocurrency.

Make sure to update API credentials in configs/coinpayments-*.yaml files before depositing any mainnet cryptocurrency or your coins will be lost.


If you need any help with TokenD or would like to suggest a feature, please reach us via