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Token PFM Sample: C#

Simple personal finance app that illustrates's Access Tokens

This sample app shows how to request Token's Access Tokens, useful for fetching account information.


On Windows

There are no prerequisites for Windows.

On Linux and OSX

Install Mono from here.

Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework. It brings the .NET framework to non-Windows envrionments like Linux and OSX.

Build and Run

To build

nuget restore


To run

xsp4 --address=localhost --port=3000

This starts up a server.

The server operates against Token's Sandbox environment by default. This testing environment lets you try out UI and account flows without exposing real bank accounts.

The server shows a web page at localhost:3000. The page has a Link with Token button. Clicking the button displays Token UI that requests an Access Token. When the app has an Access Token, it uses that Access Token to get account balances.


If anything goes wrong, try to clear your browser's cache before retest.

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