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using Tokenio.Proto.Common.TokenProtos;
using Tokenio.Proto.Common.TransferInstructionsProtos;
using Tokenio.Proto.Common.TransferProtos;
using Tokenio.Tpp.Utils;
using TppMember = Tokenio.Tpp.Member;
namespace Tokenio.Sample.Tpp
/// <summary>
/// Redeems a transfer token.
/// </summary>
public static class RedeemTransferTokenSample
/// <summary>
/// Redeems a transfer token to transfer money from payer bank account to payee bank account.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="payee">payee Token member</param>
/// <param name="accountId">account id of the payee</param>
/// <param name="tokenId">ID of the token to redeem</param>
/// <returns>a transfer Transfer</returns>
public static Transfer RedeemTransferToken(
TppMember payee,
string accountId, // account ID of the payee
string tokenId)
{ // ID of token to redeem
// We'll use this as a reference ID. Normally, a payee who
// explicitly sets a reference ID would use an ID from a db.
// E.g., an online merchant might use the ID of a "shopping cart".
// We don't have a db, so we fake it with a random string:
string cartId = Util.Nonce();
// Retrieve a transfer token to redeem.
Token transferToken = payee.GetTokenBlocking(tokenId);
// Set token destination
TransferDestination tokenDestination = new TransferDestination
Token = new TransferDestination.Types.Token
MemberId = payee.MemberId(),
AccountId = accountId
// Payee redeems a transfer token.
// Money is transferred to a payee bank account.
Transfer transfer = payee.RedeemTokenBlocking(
// if refId not set, transfer will use token refID:
return transfer;
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