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TLN Token

Technical definition

At the technical level TLN is a ERC20-compliant token, derived from MiniMe Token.

TLN slightly differs from MiniMe after fixing the ERC20 short address attack and converting all values of token amount from uint128 to uint256.

Tokenlend contribution period

Functional specification


  • 75% - will be distributed during the ICO.
  • 7% - will be sold during the pre-sale
  • 14% - founders and core team. 50% of these tokens will be locked for a 24 month period, and the remaining 50% will be locked for 48 months.
  • 3% - legal and advisory. These tokens will be locked* for a 12 month period.
  • 1% - bounty activities.


Addresses can be whitelisted during the whitelisting period. Addresses from this list are guaranteed to be deposited with appropriate TLN amount as stated in their token reservations at pre-sale opening.


Tokens are minted at 2500 TLN per 1 ETH (excl. bonus tokens)

TLN Sale flow

  • Address: Given you on the token sale deposit page. For security reasons the Ethereum address to contribute ETH in the Token Sale will be available only for users registered through:
  • Gas limit: Please raise it to 250000 gas, because this is a smart contract transaction and it is more expensive than normal Ether transfer.
  • Gas Price: Leave at 25 gwei. Do not go above 50 or the transaction will be rejected.




  • TLNContribution.sol - Implements all contribution stages and TLN distribution logic
  • Bonuses.sol - Contains bonus tiers data and sets current bonus tier according to specified conditions
  • ContributionWallet.sol - Holds Ether during the contribution period
  • MultiSigWallet.sol - Multisignature wallet - allows multiple parties to agree on transaction before execution