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The official CMS platform used by the Let's Talk Bitcoin! Network.

Outstanding tasks, bugs, enhancements etc. can be found on the issues page.


  • PHP 5.4+ (will not work on older versions)
  • PHP extensions: php5-json, php5-gd, php5-curl, php5-mysql, php5-mcrypt, php5-intl
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Apache2
  • Python3 (if using token distributor v1)

recommended to use a linux distro


See directory: /tokenly-install-files

Primary Features (to date)

  • Content Management System
  • User Account / Profile system w/ private messaging
  • Blogging platform & RSS feeds
  • Forums/Message Boards
  • Web API
  • User participation reports (for "crypto rewards" program)
  • Counterparty token distribution system
  • Bitcoin address management/verification & Counterparty token tracking
  • Token Controlled Viewpoints

Features coming soon..

  • E-Commerce system w/ built in support for bitcoin and token based payments
  • Q&A (stackoverflow style) system
  • Lots of other stuff!