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Dividends and interest


Dividends, interest or royalies can be generally lumped together as payouts. We support doing

  • Dumb payouts: wiring stable coins directly to the owner address
  • Payout contract:

Payout contract

The Payout contract provides the ability to set up dividend distribution.

Payout Deploy

To deploy payout smart contract:

sto --config=myconfig.ini payout-deploy --token-address="0x.." --payout-token-address="0x.." --payout-token-name="CrowdsaleToken" --kyc-address="0x.." --payout-name='Pay X' --uri="" --type=0
  • --token-address is the address of the deployed security token.
  • --payout-token-address is the address token used in paying out.
  • --payout-token-name is the name of the payout token. This should be the same name as defined in the smart contract.
  • --kyc-address is the address of the deployed kyc smart contract.
  • --payout-name is the name you want to give to your Payout smart contract
  • --uri uri used for announcement
  • --type used in announcement smart contract

Payout Approve

In order to release token to the Payout smart contract, they first need to be approved. This should only be run once:

sto --config=myconfig.ini payout-approve --payout-token-name="CrowdsaleToken"

--payout-token-name name of the payout_token used earlier to deploy payout smart contract.

Payout deposit

To fetch the approved tokens call command:

sto --config=myconfig.ini payout-deposit
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