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Shareholder voting is a process where equity owners participate in the company wide decisions. We support voting both offchain and onchain.

  • In offchain voting, you take a snapshot of registered assembly participants and their voting rights. Then you use a special corporate governance platform to organise voting.
  • In onchain voting, the participants vote on each topic transparently on blockchain, using their token wallets

Off-chain voting

In off-chain voting, shareholders need to register to present themselves in a general assembly beforehand.

  1. A snapshot of eligible votes the certain point of time, see cap table management <captable>
  2. Issuer invites the shareholders to the meeting through email address they have in the shareholder registry <whitelist>
  3. Issuer opens a master account in the corporate governance system
  4. Issuer gives registered participants an shareholder account and allocates voting rights proportionally to their registered shares
  5. The general assembly meeting is run the corporate governance system, each agenda item is voted individually online
  6. Participants chat with the meeting chair and other participants online in the corporate governance system
  7. The meetings minutes is automatically produced afterwards

An example of a suitable corporate governance and voting service is KoreConX.

Using on-chain voting with voting contract

This gives shareholders the ability to vote on-chain.

Voting Deploy

To deploy the voting smart contract run:

sto --config=myconfig.ini voting-deploy --token-address="0x..." --kyc-address="0x.." --voting-name="abcd" --uri="" --type="0"
  • --token-address is the address of the deployed security token.
  • --kyc-address is the address of the deployed kyc smart contract.
  • --voting-name is the name you want to give to your Voting smart contract
  • --uri uri used for announcement
  • --type used in announcement smart contract