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See this blog post for the rationale behind yet-another-emacs-blog-generator. I wasn’t aware of either org-blog or org2blog or any of the other things at the time. From that post:

I wanted to write my posts with org-mode, which has sensible LaTeX-style math input, tables, and syntax highlighting that plays well with emacs. Org has its own publishing features, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from reinventing the wheel for the n-th time, alas. So I wrote a quick Jekyll-replacement that runs inside emacs and uses org-mode as the post format.

I replaced the liquid templating with a simple approach of reading and evaluating the contents of the tag as a Lisp expression. So, there’s no interleaving of template tags and content, which hasn’t been a problem for me yet.

Though it’s a quick hack, I’m happy with it – it scratches my itch, and I’m sure to improve it as time goes on. Maybe it can turn into something useful for other people eventually, too.