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OCaml SDL2_image bindings to go with Tsdl
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tokenrove Fix the Travis build
Unfortunately we need some hacks here: tsdl 0.9.2 depends on SDL 2.0.5,
which isn't available on Travis, so we go out of our way to pin 0.9.1.

Also, newer versions of tsdl aren't compatible with 4.01, so we drop it
from the build now.

This could use some caching, but just getting things working is a step
in the right direction.
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Tsdl_image — SDL2_Image bindings for OCaml with Tsdl

Tsdl_image provides bindings to SDL2_Image intended to be used with Tsdl.

It has as siblings tsdl-mixer and tsdl-ttf.

Note that these bindings are at an early stage and have only been used minimally. The interface may change. Comments and bug reports are welcome through the github page or by emailing Julian Squires <>.


Via opam:

opam install tsdl-image


Documentation can be generated with ocamldoc, but the binding follows the SDL2_image interface closely, so it may be sufficient to consult its documentation.

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