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What's Tokentrade

Tokentrade is a wallet app for storing in-app currencies which allows apps to directly manage user assets via the API.

The in-app currencies can be rewards, vouchers, app credits, game gold, loyalty points, etc.

The app can debit/credit or inquire its own balance via the API. Requests are silent and the user doesn't need to approve every time. Great for micropayments.

Transactions are instant and there are no fees (up until a certain number of requests per day but even then it's not going to be much).

Users can trade in-app currencies on the integrated exchange, freely send them to friends or purchase from you for BTC, ETH, LTC or stablecoins.

Since all in-app currencies are ERC-20 compatible, they can be withdrawn to a compatible external wallet (i.e. Metamask).

Creating and configuring your own in-app currency is easy and a matter of a few clicks on the Tokentrade dashboard.

See Puzzli game to see how this all works in practice. Puzzli uses Tokentrade to store help packs (Puzzli bulbs).

You can open your Tokentrade account at

To start using the API send us an email at with a short description of your product (and URL if possible) and we'll send you the keys.

Tokentrade wallet app

How does it work

When a user starts using your app you should call API to create an internal Tokentrade wallet for them.

You can use this wallet normally without restrictions: credit, debit and read its balance. No user approval is needed for any of these actions. You access this wallet via wallet_id which you'll get when you first create the wallet.

Note: Internal wallets can be created only for your own currency. You cannot create it for say BTC, for reasons that should be obvious :)

When you credit user's wallet the tokens are transferred from app owner's Tokentrade wallet to this internal wallet. Debiting works the same way, the funds are transferred from the internal wallet to app owner's Tokentrade wallet. No user approval is required for crediting and debiting wallets with your app-currency.

At some point, the user will want to link this internal in-app wallet with their Tokentrade account. To do this just generate a special URL (See Connect with Tokentrade in Special URLs section) and send the user there. Feel free to use our button:

Connect with Tokentrade

Larger version

Once the user links internal wallet to their Tokentrade account, the balance is adjusted automatically. For example, if the user receives tokens from their friend via Tokentrade, next time you query balance of the internal wallet it will match the total balance of user's wallet.



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