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-`$Id: e-gtk-theme/, 2013/01/11 14:55:35 -tclover Exp $`
+`$Id: e-gtk-theme/, 2013/01/14 13:41:26 -tclover Exp $`
e-gtk-theme is a gtk theme to match the new enlightenment DR17 default theme
# Using this theme
-* Do you want nice and cleaner icons/image? Just do theme and send them.
-They will be included in the next release!
-* Do you want a better firefox theme? Just improve the stylish file
-(in apps/firefox.stylish) and send a patch. It will be included
-in the next release.
-* Do you wantt a chromium theme? Just do and send it. ...
-* etc.
+* Do you want nice and cleaner icons/image? or anything else?
+Just do theme and send them or a patch.
* To use firefox.stylish theme, one will need to install stylish addon, and
-then copy/paste the file in stylish styles editor.
+then copy/paste the file in stylish styles editor; or else, try to copy
+the content to userContent.css
* Everything coded in stylish is to just force firefox to use gtk default
theme. No hardcoded style is need. Plus glitches fixes. That's all. It should
be normaly the opposite, don't you think? Why te hell Mozzilla is hardcoding
dependent engine theme. They should just respect the user choice!
# TO DO:
-* improve toolbar/entry padding (spent minutes to that already);
* better slider images (slider_{horiz,vert}.png);
* better insensitive left and right arrows (sym_{left,right}_dark_{normal,selected}.png);
-* better memu image;
-* better tabs (notebook) image?;
-* better media buttons;
* improve panel buttons?;
* finish gtk+-3 theme (need documentation), coming... (gtk+-3 grows to be much more
-better than gtk+-2 counterpart);
+better than gtk+-2 counterpart if themable);
`Note`: i will try to migrate pixmap engine, as an exercise to improve my c capabilities,
to be able to theme almost everything with images. help needed...
* convert close, maximize... image to 6x6px X bitmap images for openbox;
-* improve metacity heme (I had enough of it despite metacity drawigs capabilities);
+* improve metacity theme (I had enough of it despite metacity drawigs capabilities);
* improve openbox menu (gradient);
-* improve notebook frame (it's not that easy to get something better);
+* improve gtk+-2 notebook frame (lready tried);
# Issues:
## gtk+-2 specific:
* inset_shadow.png cannot be included in GtkWidget... gtk+-3 may improve this;
-* I cannot do anything to fill GtkRange trough because the only way to it is to
-use two images for th trough and then... the rendered object is ugly;
-* fix for/background and text color in icon view (text has the same color as the background),
-pcmanfm has this issue but nothing found to fix it;
+* there is no way to fill GtkRange trough;
* get outlined slider when pressed? (tried already but nothing different is rendered);
-* get GtkNotebook background in @base_color? but how? bg[ACTIVE|SELECTES|NORMAL] does
-not work at all;
## gtk+-3 specific:
* first of, gt+-3 require background multilayers, so >=gtk+-3.6 is required;
-* did not found a simple way to crop background-image, so button_*image.[pn,sv]g
-have too much shadow (using tasklist_button_*) for now, CSS background multilayers
-should be fully supported for that (especialy *background-position: bottom -8p
-top -6px left -1px right -2px*);
+* there is no way to crop image like border={1,1,1,1} (pixmap engine);
* how to remove the extra stock insensitive arrow?;
* insensitive check and radio images get lost somewhere...;
-* have no idea how to define GtkShadowType (shadow_{,etched_}{in,out}),
-well it seems to not work at all (have to define every fucking frame);
-* have no idea how to define GtkArrow globally, it seems to not work at all
-(do not wanna fucking define every single arrow);
-* how to make background transparent for check,radio label?
+* nothing use global arrow(s), shadow(s) type (there is no fucking way that
+i will define every single arrow or frame at hand);
## both major versions specific:
* scalling slider_[horiz,vert].png is no good, too much shadow with big sliders;
-* cannot user runner glow into trough details;
-* i'd like the idea to add a menu like (beve[|shadow]_out) frame for GtkPaned
-childs: gtk+-2 is undoable and gtk+-3 is not that easy (spent dosen of minutes on it);
+* cannot use runner glow into trough details;
PS: an ebuild is available in my overlay (on github) for gentoo users.

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