Tokio doc blitz effort - A concerted effort to improve Tokio's documentation.
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Tokio Doc Push

Welcome to the Tokio doc push. The goal is to organize a concerted community effort to improve the Tokio documentation while also gaining new contributors. In the end, we hope to have a significantly improved set of guides and API documentation.

The Tokio doc push can use the help of all, no matter the level of familiarity with Tokio.

Join us on Gitter.


The steps are roughly:

  1. Structure an outline of what we would like the Tokio guides to be.
  2. Community members pick topics from the outline that they are familiar with and contribute guides.
  3. New community members still unfamiliar with Tokio read the new guides, documenting questions and blockers they hit.
  4. Update the guide outline based on the feedback, and repeat the process.

This git repository will be used to coordinate the effort. The current outline is found here and discussion are in issues.


There are a few ways to jump and get involved depending on your comfort level.

First, watch this repo and join us in the Gitter channel.

Read the existing guides

Required Experience: Any

Read the existing guides and try to learn how to use Tokio. While doing so, keep track of the experience. Some things to keep in mind:

  • What parts of the guides were confusing?
  • What questions went unanswered?
  • Did anything flow strangely?

Then, file issues tracking your experience.

Provide thoughts and feedback on the outline

Required Experience: Beginner

The outline proposed in this repository tracks where we would like the Tokio guides to go. Browse through what is proposed and jump in the discussion providing thoughts and feedback on the proposed outline. What topics did we miss?

Feel free to open new issues or comment on existing ones.

Brainstorm ideas for the cookbook and list of "gotchas"

Required Experience: Beginner

These two sections need to be based off of problems real users of Tokio hit, so we want your ideas.

Tweak an existing guide

Requires Experience: Beginner

The guides are part of the website repository. If you see a way to tweak an existing guide to improve it, please open a PR (against the master branch).

Review a guide pull request

Requires Experience: Beginner

As guides are written, they will need feedback. The pull requests will be submitted to the website repository. Keep an eye out for new ones, and when they appear, review the pull requests and provide your feedback.

Write a guide

Required Experience: Intermediate

The goal of the doc push is to get the community to contribute guides. While some level of Tokio experience is needed, it is probably less than you might expect. A detailed outline is provided to get started. We are also available on Gitter to answer questions and to teach you enough to get to the point of writing the guide. So why not give it a shot?

If you want to take a stab at writing a guide, find a page in the outline that is marked as unassigned and submit a PR (against the master branch) with your GitHub handle as the assignee for the page. Then, start writing.

Please file a PR to the website as soon as you can with your work in progress (you can preface the PR with work in progress). This is useful for getting early feedback from the community.


This repository is licensed under the MIT license.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in doc-push by you, shall be licensed as MIT, without any additional terms or conditions.