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The outline for what we would like the Tokio guides to become.

This outline represents a set of ideas to help contributors to get started and not a firm commitment to the structure. Authors of each page should feel free to deviate if they find reason to.



After this section, the reader will know what Tokio is, the basics of what Tokio is used for, and the most important facts about Tokio's performance and use.


Getting started

The "getting started" section is a quick introduction to the aspects of Tokio required to be productive. This section is currently mostly written, but requires some improvements.


I/O with Tokio

A deep dive into working with input/output with Tokio. After reading "getting started" and this section, the reader should be able to implement a network based application by implementing Future by hand.


Futures, Streams, and Sinks

In depth guides describing:

  • What are futures, streams, and sinks?
  • When should each be used?
  • How are they used?
  • How are they implemented?



A transport is a Stream + Sink of frame values. This section gets into:

  • What are transports?
  • When should they be used?
  • How do I build a transport?
  • Transport middleware

and lots of examples.



Guides on running concurrent tasks, with an emphasis on message passing. This also talks about parallelism.


Tracking Time

Teaches how to incorporate time into Tokio applications. This covers Delay as well as setting timeouts and Interval streams. The clock is also mentioned, including how to mock it out.


Tokio for...

A set of guides showing how to use Tokio in different contexts:

  • Servers
  • Clients
  • Game development
  • Libraries



A collection of simple examples that demonstrate good practices to accomplish common tasks with Tokio.



A guide covering how Tokio is built. This is not a tour of the code. Instead, it covers enough concepts to have an idea of what Tokio is doing.