Line protocol for Tokio
Rust Shell

Tokio Line

Examples of how to implement simple pipelined and multiplexed protocols using tokio-proto.

Getting Started

Clone this repo, then cd into simple. Then, run the following command:

$ cargo run --example echo_client_server

You should see the following:

SERVER: "Hello"
CLIENT: "Hello"
SERVER: "Goodbye"
CLIENT: "Goodbye"

More examples

This repository includes a number of examples that demonstrate how to use tokio-proto:

  • simple implements a simple line-based protocol with an example of how to use it.
  • multiplexed implements a simple multiplexed protocol with an example of how to use it.
  • streaming implements a line-based protocol that is able to stream requests and responses with an example of how to use it.
  • handshake shows how to handle the handshake phase of a protocol, this may include SSL, authentication, etc...
  • ping_pong shows how to implement protocol logic at the transport layer.
  • stream_client shows how to use a transport directly without using tokio-proto. This makes sense for protocols that aren't request / response oriented.


Tokio is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0), with portions covered by various BSD-like licenses.

See LICENSE-APACHE, and LICENSE-MIT for details.