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chore: prepare Tokio v1.22.0 #5203

merged 3 commits into from Nov 18, 2022

chore: prepare Tokio v1.22.0 #5203

merged 3 commits into from Nov 18, 2022


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@Darksonn Darksonn commented Nov 17, 2022

1.22.0 (November 17, 2022)


  • process: add Command::process_group (#5114)
  • runtime: add Handle::runtime_flavor (#5138)
  • runtime: add Handle::runtime_flavor (#5138)
  • runtime: export metrics about the blocking thread pool (#5161)
  • sync: add Mutex::blocking_lock_owned (#5130)
  • sync: add Semaphore::MAX_PERMITS (#5144)
  • sync: add merge() to semaphore permits (#4948)
  • sync: add mpsc::WeakUnboundedSender (#5189)
  • task: add task::id() and task::try_id() (#5171)


  • macros: don't take ownership of futures in macros (#5087)
  • runtime: fix Stacked Borrows violation in LocalOwnedTasks (#5099)
  • runtime: mitigate ABA with 32-bit queue indices when possible (#5042)
  • task: wake local tasks to the local queue when woken by the same thread (#5095)
  • time: panic in release mode when mark_pending called illegally (#5093)
  • runtime: fix typo in expect message (#5169)
  • runtime: fix unsync_load on atomic types (#5175)
  • task: elaborate safety comments in task deallocation (#5172)
  • runtime: fix LocalSet drop in thread local (#5179)
  • net: remove libc type leakage in a public API (#5191)
  • runtime: update the alignment of CachePadded (#5106)


  • io: make tokio::io::copy continue filling the buffer when writer stalls (#5066)
  • runtime: remove coop::budget from LocalSet::run_until (#5155)
  • sync: make Notify panic safe (#5154)


  • io: fix doc for write_i8 to use signed integers (#5040)
  • net: fix doc typos for TCP and UDP set_tos methods (#5073)
  • net: fix function name in UdpSocket::recv documentation (#5150)
  • sync: typo in TryLockError for RwLock::try_write (#5160)
  • task: document that spawned tasks execute immediately (#5117)
  • time: document return type of timeout (#5118)
  • time: document that timeout checks only before poll (#5126)
  • sync: specify return type of oneshot::Receiver in docs (#5198)

Internal changes

  • runtime: use const Mutex::new for globals (#5061)
  • runtime: remove Option around mio::Events in io driver (#5078)
  • runtime: remove a conditional compilation clause (#5104)
  • runtime: remove a reference to internal time handle (#5107)
  • runtime: misc time driver cleanup (#5120)
  • runtime: move signal driver to runtime module (#5121)
  • runtime: signal driver now uses I/O driver directly (#5125)
  • runtime: start decoupling I/O driver and I/O handle (#5127)
  • runtime: switch io::handle refs with scheduler:Handle (#5128)
  • runtime: remove Arc from I/O driver (#5134)
  • runtime: use signal driver handle via scheduler::Handle (#5135)
  • runtime: move internal clock fns out of context (#5139)
  • runtime: remove runtime::context module (#5140)
  • runtime: keep driver cfgs in (#5141)
  • runtime: add runtime::context to unify thread-locals (#5143)
  • runtime: rename some confusing internal variables/fns (#5151)
  • runtime: move coop mod into runtime (#5152)
  • runtime: move budget state to context thread-local (#5157)
  • runtime: move park logic into runtime module (#5158)
  • runtime: move Runtime into its own file (#5159)
  • runtime: unify entering a runtime with Handle::enter (#5163)
  • runtime: remove handle reference from each scheduler (#5166)
  • runtime: move enter into context (#5167)
  • runtime: combine context and entered thread-locals (#5168)
  • runtime: fix accidental unsetting of current handle (#5178)
  • runtime: move CoreStage methods to Core (#5182)
  • sync: name mpsc semaphore types (#5146)

@Darksonn Darksonn added the A-tokio Area: The main tokio crate label Nov 17, 2022
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@hawkw hawkw left a comment

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in previous changelog entries, we've had a separate ### Unstable heading for changes and additions to unstable APIs. i noticed that this changelog entry mixes unstable APIs with the main ### Added, ### Changed, and ### Fixed headings...are we removing the separate section for unstable APIs intentionally, or was this an oversight?

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tokio/ Outdated Show resolved Hide resolved
@carllerche carllerche merged commit bf31759 into master Nov 18, 2022
46 checks passed
@carllerche carllerche deleted the prepare-tokio-1.22.0 branch November 18, 2022 21:15
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A-tokio Area: The main tokio crate
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