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@carllerche carllerche released this Nov 26, 2019 · 44 commits to master since this release

A major breaking change. Most implementation and APIs have changed one way or
another. This changelog entry contains a highlight


  • APIs are updated to use async / await.
  • most tokio-* crates are collapsed into this crate.
  • Scheduler is rewritten.
  • tokio::spawn returns a JoinHandle.
  • A single I/O / timer is used per runtime.
  • I/O driver uses a concurrent slab for allocating state.
  • components are made available via feature flag.
  • Use bytes 0.5
  • tokio::codec is moved to tokio-util.


  • Standalone timer and net drivers are removed, use Runtime instead
  • current_thread runtime is removed, use tokio::runtime::Runtime with
    basic_scheduler instead.
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