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  This is a C client library to access routers running JUNOS software. It
  offeres an API to connect to the device and issue JUNOScript commands.

  This is free and open source software, licensed under the 2-clause BSD
  license. See COPYING for details.


  To compile the libJUNOS package from source you need:

  * A build environment: autotools, libtool, C compiler, ...

  * A POSIX + Single UNIX Specification compatible C library.

  * libssh2:
    SSH client library used to connect to the router.

  * libxml2:
    GNOME XML library used to parse responses from the router.

  * asciidoc, xsltproc:
    The AsciiDoc text document format is used to write the manpages.

Configuring / Compiling / Installing

  To configure, build and install libJUNOS with the default settings, run
  `./configure && make && make install'. For detailed, generic instructions
  see INSTALL. For a complete list of configure options and their description,
  run `./configure --help'.

  By default, libJUNOS will be installed into `/opt/libjunos'. You can adjust
  this setting by specifying the `--prefix' configure option - see INSTALL for
  details. If you pass DESTDIR=<path> to `make install', <path> will be
  prefixed to all installation directories. This might be useful when creating
  packages for libJUNOS.


  Sebastian "tokkee" Harl <>