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PostgreSQL Round-Robin Extension

  PostRR (\ˈpōs-tər\) is an extension for the PostgreSQL database management
  system providing round-robin functionality. It provides additional data
  types and functions to handle discrete time-series of data and consolidation

  For now, the software is in an early and very experimental state.

  This is free and open source software, licensed under the 2-clause BSD
  license. See COPYING for details.


  To compile the PostRR package from source you need:

  * A build environment: autotools, libtool, C compiler, ...

  * A POSIX + Single UNIX Specification compatible C library.

  * asciidoc, xsltproc:
    The AsciiDoc text document format is used to write the manpages.

  * PostgreSQL server-side development files
    (currently tested with PostgreSQL 9.1)

Configuring / Compiling / Installing

  To configure, build and install PostRR with the default settings, run
  `./configure && make && make install'. For detailed, generic instructions
  see INSTALL. For a complete list of configure options and their description,
  run `./configure --help'.

  By default, PostRR will be installed into `/opt/postrr'. You can adjust this
  setting by specifying the `--prefix' configure option - see INSTALL for
  details. If you pass DESTDIR=<path> to `make install', <path> will be
  prefixed to all installation directories. This might be useful when creating
  packages for PostRR.


  Sebastian "tokkee" Harl <>