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Simple budgeting app built in PHP
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Simple PHP budgeting app. Allows users to create budgets, track spending, and share balances with other users. Budgets support scheduled auto-refills at either monthly or weekly intervals.

Getting Started

Currently the only way to get this working is to either clone the repo or download as a zip. Once the files are acquired, you should be able to simply drop these files onto a server with PHP using FTP.

Running Locally

The only thing you should need to do to get this running locally is make sure the base URL works for your setup and that the DB path is getting generated properly. You might need to experiment a bit to get this right, but this is how I got it working with MAMP.

If you clone this directly into your local servers main directory, there's a good chance you won't need to change anything

In system/db_connect.php you'll find the following:

//checks if running locally or on remote server
if(in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $localips)){
	//add your projects directory name here...
	$projectdirectory = "allowance";
	$dbrelativepath = "/".$projectdirectory."/system/data/database.sqlite";
	$dbrelativepath = $cleanurizero."system/data/database.sqlite";

Inside my MAMP "HTDOCS" folder, I have a directory called "allowance" - I need to add this to folder name manually to my path so that PHP can consistently find my DB and generate other base URLS.


This app currently uses a local SQLITE database. This isn't an issue uploading to a basic server via FTP, but it can be a problem if your server config has permissions against that OR you're using a prod environment like Heroku.

If you want to use Heroku, you'll need a different database solution to get around their ephemeral filesystem. They recommend using postgres, however, you will need to make changes to some of the SQL used currently in the app. For example:

  • When creating table, you'll need to switchINTEGER to BIGSERIAL for auto incrementing keys.

SQLITE uses INTEGER - when set as primary key, it will autoincrement.

$db->exec("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS content (uid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, pid INTEGER, sid INTEGER, pos INTEGER, title TEXT, body TEXT)");

POSTGRES needs SERIAL or BIGSERIAL in order to auto-increment a value with column set to primary key.

  • Also, using lastInsertId() is a little different.

SQLITE uses lastInsertId()

$lastuid = $db->lastInsertId();

POSTGRES is cool with this, but it requires an additional parameter with the following syntaxlastInsertId(content_uid_seq)

$lastuid = $db->lastInsertId(content_uid_seq);

Making these changes, plus properly accessing your postgres DB for local and prod should have you covered.

Creating Users

Currently, the app is set up to help you create one main user per instance. If no users exist in the users table, you'll get a form to create your first user.

After the first user is added, the app is missing a means of adding additional users. I still need to decide on a user-adding modal that's right for this particular repo in it's current form. You can add users with custom PDO code - running a page with a single insert should do the trick.

Maybe something like this (load once, then delete or comment out):

$input_email = "";
$input_password = "password";
$password_store = password_hash($input_password, PASSWORD_BCRYPT);
$input_fname = "Firsty";
$input_lname = "Lasterson";

$insert = $db->prepare("INSERT INTO users (email, password, fname, lname, stayloggedin) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)");
$insertarray = array($input_email, $password_store, $input_fname, $input_lname, 0);

A table for users is provided in the sqlite database and features the following columns:

  • email (TEXT PRIMARY KEY)
  • password (TEXT via the password_hash() function with PASSWORD_BCRYPT)
  • fname (first name, TEXT)
  • lname (last name, TEXT)
  • stayloggedin (BOOL that disables timed session expiration - defaults to 0)


  • user creation model (admin-user drive per instance? open signup?)
  • notification system for what's changed since last log in
  • schedule deductions, schedule multple deposits/deductions per budget
  • remove autofocus from modals


Timothy Reeder


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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