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Plus Jakarta Sans



About Plus Jakarta Sans Project

Plus Jakarta Sans is a font family that takes geometric sans serif styles, designed by Gumpita Rahayu from Tokotype, the fonts were originally commissioned by 6616 Studio for Jakarta Provincial Government program's +Jakarta City of Collaboration identity in 2020.

Taking part of inspiration such as Neuzit Grotesk, Futura, and 1930s grotesque sans serif with almost monoline contrast and pointy curves, the fonts consist modern and clean cut forms, the x-height dimension slight taller to provide clear spaces between caps and x-height, this also equipped with open counter and balanced spaces to preserve the legibility at a range of sizes.

The beauty of diversity captured in typography. Like the city itself, the unique points of this fonts is that in some glyphs has its own diversity and characteristic of various explorations of forms that enrich the expressions and stories that coexist. The charms of Plus Jakarta Sans fonts appear when one looks closer, manifesting in a beauty that emerges once seen as a whole. Each alternate on the family contains several alternates characters, divided into three stylistic alternates which Lancip (Sharp), Lurus (Straight), and Lingkar (Swirl).

As part of Plus Jakarta as a city of collaboration, fonts are made available for public and use it under the SIL Open Font License.

To contribute to the project, Please see or visit


Build the fonts with gftools builder sources/builder.yaml from the repository’s root folder


Test the fonts with fontbakery check-googlefonts fonts/variable/*.ttf and fontbakery check-googlefonts fonts/ttf/*.ttf from the repository’s root folder

FONTLOG for Plus Jakarta Sans fonts

12 November 2021 (Gumpita Rahayu) Plus Jakarta Sans v2.600

  • Adding SemiBold instance on static files
  • Fixed missing kerning values
  • Increasing quote character weight
  • Redesigned diacritics glyphs
  • Adding Tabular Figures (.tf)

21 December 2020 (Gumpita Rahayu) Plus Jakarta Sans v2.500

  • Extending ascender character lowercase
  • Fixed duplicated alternates

4 December 2020 (Gumpita Rahayu) Plus Jakarta Sans v2.400

  • Adding ExtraLight & ExtraLight Italic Master
  • Reworking weights and instance
  • Adding support for multiple languages (Incl. Vietnamese)
  • Encoding based on GF Latin Pro & GF Latin Plus
  • Variable fonts support (wght)
  • Removed Plus Jakarta Sans Text Version (In addition, Lightest weight added)
  • Adding several opentype features stylistic sets glyphs

21 February 2020 (Gumpita Rahayu) Plus Jakarta Sans v1.000

  • Open sourced.
  • Fine tuning to almost all glyphs.
  • First public released.


↓ Download the latest release ↓

After downloading the zip from above:

  • Double-click the downloaded zip file to unpack or open it.
  • Mac OSX: Use FontBook Software (Default App on Mac). Select the fonts files you want to install and drag the fonts into your library or you can find Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts and copy the font files to the directory.
  • Windows: Select all fonts you want to install and pop-up of the fonts file will show, click install and done. Or Go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts, then locate fonts file and click install.


Gumpita Rahayu - Tokotype


If you want to contribute to develop improvements of this font family, you can fork this project and create an issue or email us at


This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is copied below, and is also available with a FAQ at:


+Jakarta Sans is a open-source fonts. Designed for Jakarta "City of collaboration" program in 2020.




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