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name 'changes';
description 'Show changes when upgrading a module';
author 'Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Tokurhiro Matsuno';
api_version 0.1;
# TODO Adds hooks to display this *before* installing modules (and prompt)
# TODO Adds --changes command
# TODO make it work with cpanfresh feed -- the new releases are not on CPAN
hook install_success => sub {
my $args = shift;
sub extract_changes {
my $args = shift;
my $dist = "$args->{meta}->{name}-$args->{local}";
return if !$args->{local} or $args->{reinstall};
eval { require Algorithm::Diff };
if ($@) { $args->{app}->chat("$@\n"); return }
# All I need here is PAUSE, but has some "Special
# Files" support so let's figure out from there ...
my $html = $args->{app}->get("$dist");
if ($html =~ m!<a href="(/src/[^"]+)">(Change.*)</a>!i) {
my($link, $file) = ($1, $2);
open my $fh, "<$file" or return;
my $new_changes = join '', <$fh>;
$args->{app}->chat("Found $file file. Fetching $link\n");
my $old_changes = $args->{app}->get("$link");
my $diff = Algorithm::Diff->new(
[ split /\n/, $old_changes ],
[ split /\n/, $new_changes ],
my $result;
while ($diff->Next()) {
next if $diff->Same();
$result .= "$_\n" for $diff->Items(2);
$args->{app}->diag("\n" . $result) if $result;
} else {
$args->{app}->chat("$dist doesn't seem to have Changes file.\n");
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