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Install documentation improvements #22

miyagawa opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Maybe I can help on this at the hackathon, but the installation document is a little unclear which method is the best (CPAN, homebrew or git).

I think many people are already using perlbrew and consider switching to plenv. In that case, installing plenv with cpanm under homebrew is quite dangerous and could lead to a confusing situation. I actually have done that initially (i.e. cpanm App::plenv under homebrew perl), and when I tried to stop using perlbrew, then there's no plenv to use anymore.

I think there's a big caveat under the CPAN section that you have to use the system perl to install plenv, like actually using /usr/bin/perl

curl -L | /usr/bin/perl - --sudo App::plenv

since otherwise there's a chicken-egg problem (I think?).

Also: There should probably be an entry for "why is plenv rehash necessary after cpanm installation" in the FAQ.


The documentation was fixed by taking documents from rbenv.

@tokuhirom tokuhirom closed this
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