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This is yet another programming language for general scripting.


authors tested following parts.

  • osx lion
  • ubuntu linux latest
  • windows

Build Dependencies

  • gcc 4.4.3+ or clang++ 3.0+
  • SConstruct
  • Perl5
  • libboost1.48-all-dev
  • Python 2.6 or later(to generate config.json)
    • patches welcome to generate config.json by hand

Build Dependendies from git clone

Distribution tar ball(not yet) have a compiled source. If you want to build from git, nededs more softwares.

  • re2c

How to Build

Install re2

hg clone re2
cd re2
sudo make install

Install deps on OSX

brew install re2c icu4c scons boost cmake
brew link icu4c

Install deps on ubuntu

sudo aptitude install libboost1.48-all-dev re2c libcurl4-dev libicu-dev cmake clang


git clone git://
cd tora
git submodule init
git submodule update
cmake .
sudo make install