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Github mirror of the UCDavis Starspan project. Fixed to compile on Ubuntu 10.04

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StarSpan is designed to bridge the raster and vector worlds of spatial analysis using fast algorithms for pixel level extraction from geometry features (points, lines, polygons). StarSpan generates databases of extracted pixel values (from one or a set of raster images), fused with the database attributes from the vector files. This allows a user to do statistical analysis of the pixel vs. attribute data in many existing packages and can greatly speed up classification training and testing. See the documentation for more details about commands, operations, and options.

This development has been possible thanks to California State Department of Boating and Waterways.

StarSpan should compile and run on most Unix flavor (including MacOs X and Windows via MinGW) although it has been mainly tested on Linux and MacOS X. StarSpan's core program is run from the command line. An experimental Java-based graphical user interface (GUI) is also available.

Installing StarSpan on Ubuntu 10.04

This fork builds clean against Ubuntu 10.04. We have built StarSpan using the EC2 AMI: ami-714ba518.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install build-essential wget libgeos-3.1.0 libgeos-dev libgdal1-1.6.0 libgdal1-dev
cd /tmp
tar zxvf tokumine-Starspan-*
cd tokumine-Starspan-*
sudo make install

Installing StarSpan on other systems

StarSpan requires the GDAL and GEOS libraries properly installed on your system. For more details, see INSTALL.

Status and documentation

This is an open source software project and you are welcome to use the tool and contribute to this ongoing project. Please read the copyright agreement (copyright.txt). We encourage feature requests and bug reports, and these can be posted on the gforge website at: The main website is located at:

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