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Ubuntu 10.04 Ruby/GIS Chef cookbooks

Make deploying Ruby/GIS apps on AWS simple and safe.

  • Targets ubuntu 10.04 EBS. (tested 32bit AMI: ami-714ba518. 64bit should be ok)
  • Designed for Chef Solo. Nothing fancy. Simple.
  • Uses debs where possible

What can it build?

  • web.json - rack (REE, nginx, passenger, postgres connectors & sinatra)
  • database.json - PostGIS 1.4 (REE, postgis 1.4, tuned postgres 8.4, GIS template, nightly S3 backups)
  • utility.json - Memcached and Sphinx ready for indexing as a remote search index
  • full_stack.json - web.json + database.json + utility.json
  • starspan.json - starspan + rack (starspan is a highspeed raster analysis tool)

found in /server

How to use with AWS Web Console?

Edit the last line of to pick the server type & paste it all ( into the User Data field when making a new server. The server will bootstrap itself.

How to use with EC2 API tools?

Make a 50GB EBS instance in us-east-1a:

$ ec2-run-instances --block-device-mapping /dev/sda1=:50 ami-714ba518 -f -k my_key -g [my_sec_group] -z us-east-1a


  • Takes ~5-10 mins to build. Make tea, not emails
  • WWW the server URL to see the chef log (or htop or tail -f /var/log/chef.log)


  • Amazon load balancer and join pool
  • monitoring (daemontools/nagios/monit/bluepill?)